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Stephen SetteDucati is an award-winning industrial photographer specializing in the built environment.
His images have appeared worldwide in many trade publications and in various media including print, television and gallery exhibitions.

Imagine, if you will, standing on a small wooden platform at the top of the nearly finished Leonard P. Zakim Bridge's North tower with nothing but a railing of 2x4's holding you back. The day is in mid February, unseasonably warm, at about 4:30 in the afternoon. Rushhour traffic has begun the slow crawl from the ramps alongside the Fleet Center to merge with traffic on I-93 North. My camera is a 1940's 4x5 Crown Graphic fixed with a modern 90mm and shooting color negative film. I'm about to take one of the most iconic images of the history of Boston, The Central Artery Tunnel Project. I was waiting for the right light, then something unexpected happens, a plane takes off from Logan Airport a few miles to the south.

Stephen is available worldwide to document your project and showcase your talents to show the world what you do best. He holds a 30-hour OSHA Safety Certificate, a Department of Homeland Security issued TWIC and an Aerial and Scissors Lift Operator License.

Stephen is also a mixed media artist, an accomplished welder, and fabricator of anything motor driven and resides in Wellfleet, Massachusetts.

Stephen SetteDucati Photographer is currently seeking gallery, museum and agent representation.

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